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Buying PrEP

We often receive questions on where to buy PrEP from and how much it costs. Below we publish a redacted version which we hope answers this query and can be easily accessed. Of course, you are more than welcome to keep sending your questions on this website or facebook page:

PrEP can be bought from the local pharmacies listed here or online.

In pharmacies, the price is fixed at €56.70 for 30days' supply. Pharmacists will only dispense PrEP upon presentation of a prescription which you can get from the GU clinic at mater Dei, or specialists working privately. To make an appointment at the GU clinic, call: (00356) 2122 7981.


Online, the prices vary. Some even offer special offers and discounts when you buy more than one bottle (30 days' supply). London's Dean Street Clinic offered to test people's drugs bought online and they found no examples of counterfeit drugs. You can read more about this here Most online stores will not ask you for a prescription. However, if the drugs get stuck at customs, they will only be released upon presentation of a prescription. 

We take this opportunity to remind you that PrEP is for people who are not living with HIV. It is therefore recommended that you visit the GU clinic or a private clinic where there is a GU specialist for an HIV test. 



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